How to Identify an Effective PPC Bid & PPC Budget

When it comes to maximizing ROI (return on investment) on Internet marketing strategies, companies must examine their costs for “Pay Per Click” (PPC) advertising. With the assistance of a dedicated SEO consultant, a company can see great returns from their PPC campaign, but this type of advertising is in many ways, more art than science.

PPC Bid & BudgetWhile there are a number of salient factors that come into play when a company looks at the value of their PPC investment, there are two that stand out – PPC Budget and PPC Bid.

PPC Budget

First, a company needs to determine just how much they should spend on their PPC advertising costs. A reputable consultant for SEO in Atlanta should provide advice for targeted keyword use and ad scope in order to help develop an effective pay per click budget, but a company must also determine what the value of a single click will mean for them.

This can be roughly estimated by starting with the life-time value of a customer and working backwards through the approximate number of customers developed from leads, the number of leads developed from registrants, and the number of registrants developed per click, giving a maximum value to pay per click.

PPC Bids

Companies must also determine where to set their PPC Bids for pay per click advertising, but higher bids do not always equal higher returns. It is a good idea to manage bids in your search engine marketing PPC campaign by keyword and use tools such as Google’s bid simulator in order to determine a maximum and minimum bid. It is also important to track the quality of keywords that have been selected in order to get the most out of each PPC dollar.

PPC advertising can be an effective way to convert clicks to customers, but finding a good pay per click management company to manage its cost is essential to maximizing ROI.

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