How Facebook’s New Algorithm May Affect Your Brand

How Facebook's New Algorithm Update Impacts Your Brand

In December 2013, Facebook decided to change up its algorithm for organic reach by decreasing the content that includes call to action for engagement and increasing higher quality content in the form of informational links, status updates, etc.

So brands that usually reached about around 25% of their audience organically were seeing a mere 5% organic reach after the algorithmic change.

Many theories can be drawn as to why the algorithm change has occurred and why it has been such a drastic change when all of the changes that Facebook has made in the past has usually made engagement rates fairly equal.

Moz published a fascinating case study by Chad Wittman of EdgeRank Checker about the changes Facebook made and why most brands have seen a decrease from 12.6% to 7.7% in the past few months.

So now that we understand what changes have been made to Facebook’s algorithm, what changes can we make to our social media strategies and behaviors to ensure that we are organically reaching as many of our audience members that we possibly can?

  1. Quit Using Memes – Facebook is now excluding posts that are including memes, photos, and videos. The posts that are valued as “high quality content” are the status updates that do not require a call to action. According to Facebook, status updates that do not include a link or a photo with a link embedded is the top performing content type for organic reach.
  2. Include Multiple Photos in Your Posts – If you are going to post a photo for engagement instead of a regular status update for your brand, be sure to include multiple photos. Ignite Social Media published a study testing Facebook’s new algorithm and if you are adding multiple photos to a post, your content will reach more of your audience organically than it would have before the changes were made.
  3. Check the Numbers – Check your brand or your clients’ analytical data before switching up your social media strategy. The changes Facebook made has affected most of the brands, but not all. See if your organic reach has decreased or increased since December (when the algorithm changed) and why. Study the different types of content that your brand has posted before you just throw out everything you know about social and Facebook, and analyze the data for your particular brand. Then you can better access the steps you need to take from there.

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