How Google Instant Can Positively Impact Your Link Building Strategy

Google Instant and What It Means for SEO in Google

In the computing world, speed is life. Processors are tuned to go ever faster, and new applications and Internet browsers are constantly developed to keep up with the demand for speedy information returned. The quicker consumers can find and click on a company’s Web page, the greater their popularity and potential sales volume will be. One tool that is helping to limit the time consumers spend searching is Google Instant, and it has several impacts on your SEO strategy.

What is Google Instant?

  • Debuting in September of this year, Google Instant attempts to predict what users will type in based on what they’ve already started typing.
  • Unlike auto-complete which was previously used by Google, Google Instant will populate a page with results before a user has hit enter.
  • The content will change based on what the user types into the search field.

Google Instant Link Building

What this means is that “first page” Google results will now be available as soon as a user begins typing and constantly change. For companies looking to maximize their search engine marketing success, simply cornering the market on one term may no longer be enough. For example, a luxury spa treatments company might choose to optimize their organic SEO by focusing on those words, garnering them a top spot on Google when the terms are entered. With Google Instant, as soon as the words “luxury spa” are entered, a host of pages will be pulled up based on those terms alone, lowering the chances of the company’s website being seen first.

Google Instant provides a way for companies to use broader SEO link building strategies used on the most likely first word consumers will type in, as well as those that follow it, to result in an overall ranking on page one of the results.