Does Twitter Influence Google, Yahoo!, Bing Search Rankings?

In 2006, Twitter was launched and the site now has over 175 million users generating 65 million “tweets” per day. Tweets are short messages created by users that have a maximum of 140 characters and are, by default, available for the public to see. They are intended to convey specific, relevant information; and it has long been speculated that the site’s growing popularity would have an influence on search engine rankings, a fact recently confirmed by both Google and Bing.

Twitter LogoA number of websites have now taken up the cause to see just what impact tweets and the Twitter universe have on search engine rankings overall. Some sites have gone so far as to create two separate linking pages: one promoted via Twitter only, and one via “normal” link building methods in an effort to see which type of advertising – social or traditional – would have a greater impact on Ecommerce SEO. Though long-term data is not yet available, the Twitter-based page in one example was able to easily out-distance its link-based competitor in the first few days the experiment was run.

What Does This Mean for E-commerce Companies?

This means that ignoring social media is not an option. It is a near-certainty that the link and tweet-based pages will begin to overlap and influence each other, eventually leading to a stronger search engine ranking for both. This then means that companies must find Search Engine Marketing providers that are able to not only simply create viable organic keyword SEO ranking sets and generate traditional links, but also create targeted tweeting and other social-media driven Internet marketing campaigns.

Opinions matter, especially those given in the moment, a fact that Twitter has capitalized on to substantial effect. In order to compete in the new e-commerce marketplace, companies must get more involved in social media and be prepared to tweet!