How Deep Linking SEO Increases Ecommerce Conversion Rates

A good SEO consultant can help any company develop link building strategies that get their main page and specified keywords well-ranked with major search engines; and some companies assume that the works stops there.

In reality, a company focused on selling online needs to find ways to ensure that their product description pages (PDPs) are receiving links in order to help increase e-commerce conversion rates. To achieve this, the company needs to work with a reliable Atlanta SEO company on its Deep Linking SEO strategy.

Deep Linking SEO for Ecommerce SitesHere are a few ways to increase Deep Linking SEO potential for any ecommerce site:

1) Solicit Product Reviews

It’s simple – if a company sends a reviewer a free sample or trial product and asks for a review, they’ll almost always receive a deep link in return. So long as the product is of a decent quality, a free sample encourages reviewers to be unbiased and fair in their analysis.

2) Guest Posting

Companies can begin the process of deep link building by making guest posts on other relevant sites. A sports clothing company might be able to guest post on a marathon running site about new technology in the world of sportswear and, in turn, include a link to their PDP in the footer of their post. This strategy is very strong for Ecommerce SEO campaigns.

3) Current Customers

A company can also ask for testimonials and links from current customers and those consumers who love the product. Many tech-savvy users have their own websites or blogs, and can help in the deep linking seo process.

4) Freebies

Give away a free trial, phone app, or video, and make sure to put it on the PDP. People will come for the freebie, but see the product on their way through.

Deep linking SEO is in many ways more of an art than a science. A tailored Atlanta Link Building program of deep linking strategies can go a long way to increasing e-commerce conversion rates and boosting overall e-commerce sales via ecommerce search engine optimization.