5 Creative Content Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

Local businesses are faced with a creative challenge when it comes to effective content marketing. But when you eliminate all of the standard rules that apply to content marketing and simply create content that grabs your audience’s attention and resonates on a certain level, your creativity can have limitless boundaries.

To help get your creative juices flowing, below are five creative content marketing tips and concepts that work well for local businesses.

Source Local News

Local news, whether good or bad, has a high degree of potential to resonate with your local audience. The objective is pinpoint local news stories that have topically relevancy to your local business.

Set-up an RSS feed that’s dedicated to news stories in your local area. You can even go beyond your local scope, so long as the story is aligned with your business model. When great stores come through your feed, re-write them into a short (or long) blog post that can later be published on the company website.

Timeliness is of the essence, so it’s important to have a quick turnaround from inception to publication. Also time sensitive is how soon you share the news on your social media profiles. When done successfully, interested followers can read the news on your business’ website (and better yet, share the news with their friends.)

Make Memes

In taking a less serious approach, making memes (typically images accompanied by funny text) is a humorous way to resonate with your audience. There are a bunch of free meme generators on the web, many of which you can upload your own image. There also now video meme generators as well as animated GIF memes that can help to increase engagement.

5 Creative Content Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

Great ideas for memes are often current, seasonal, and more times often than not, funny. This is one great take that lets people know that your business is easy going and has a sense of humor.

Be an Educator

Perhaps the most common approach to content marketing among professionals and B2B’s is being an educator. For an attorney, an example might be writing an in-depth article on what to do when faced with a DUI or criminal charge. An accounting firm might scribe a blog post on how to prepare taxes for business. A nutritionist could record a short video on various gluten-free food alternatives.

The possibilities are endless. Exercise your sense of empathy and figure out what needs your audience (or target market) has, or perhaps what kind of questions they need answered. Being a righteous educator is all about offering a solution and/or providing resources to help meet someone’s needs.

Leverage local events

Parallel to sourcing news, you’re business can also publicize local events. Further, perhaps your company can be a sponsor at local events. Here’s an example:

Consider a local yoga studio in Atlanta. Perhaps they sponsored a 10K run in Decatur. The yoga studio could make an announcement of their event sponsorship on their blog. The content marketing strategy could go one step further by discussing how restorative yoga is beneficial for athletic recovery, particularly individuals training for a 10K.

Go Beyond on the Blog Post

It’s easy to whip-up a blog post and share it with your social followers. But ask yourself if perhaps making a video is a better way to share the idea. Another alternative to text-based content is infographics. These forms of rich-media may require greater capabilities and time, but they are proven mediums that earn greater levels of engagement and viral potential.

Lastly, consider where your audience is hanging out and shape your content marketing efforts around the type of content they want to see. If your business caters mostly to women, the perhaps an image-intensive, Pinterest-focal content strategy will be the best course of action. If your company seeks to take an educational approach, maybe a video series will have the greatest impact.

Content marketing is more about creativity than it is about advertising. Drop all barriers and think outside the box. Let your inner creative content marketer run free.