How To Create Business Metrics For Effective Link Building

Using the Metric System – Assessing the Value in Links

Google’s Page Rank is used to “rank” the importance of every webpage on the Internet. The major factors in determining Page Rank is the number, quality, and relevancy of the inbound links a page receives from other sites. In order for any company to successfully grow their Web presence, they must consult with an effective link building service to not only track the number of links to their site, but assess their quality. In addition, they must have a viable way of creating new links in order to sustain interest in the site.

Google PageRankThere are a number of tools that can be used to build links, for example:

  1. Google Back Links Checker – it’s from Google, and it’s free, but it offers a relatively small amount of backlink information for a standard user.
  2. Open Site Explorer – A pay-for-use tool from SEO company SEOmoz. This utility not only pulls quantity data, but quality of link data as well.
  3. Majestic SEO – Offers both a free and pay version, and can generate useful graphs of backlink history over a period.

No matter what tool, it is essential that it be used in properly and with right knowledge about effective link building, such as someone with the experience in the industry to detect trends and strategize accordingly.

A professional and effective Atlanta SEO firm will be able to not only assess the strength of current links, but bolster those that are of higher quality, leading to a greater rate of return. 50 backlinks from weak sites will not prove nearly as useful as one from a top player. In order to properly assess data and determine the ideal SEO strategy, effective link building opportunities such as the three noted above are essential to a successful Atlanta Internet Marketing campaign.