Effective Integrated Internet Marketing Campaigns

Effective Integrated Internet Marketing

During the evolution of Internet marketing, we’ve seen countless strategies to increase web traffic come and go.

Companies have invested marketing dollars into SEO, PPC, Social media among other Internet marketing strategies and it’s often wondered which strategy is the best.

While that depends largely on the company’s industry, target audiences, definition of conversions and overall Internet marketing objectives, perhaps the most compelling answer that question is “all of them.”

Having an integrated approach to Internet marketing is the best strategy for maximizing exposure through all Internet marketing channels from paid and organic search to social media and email marketing. This approach is called Integrated Internet Marketing.

What is Integrated Internet Marketing?

In an integrated Internet marketing campaign, your company participates in several forms of online marketing that work together in a synergistic relationship to reach targeted consumers on all platforms. Communicating a cohesive and consistent message for your brand through integrated Internet marketing can have an exponential benefit for your campaign’s success.

Among the strategies that your company would include in an integrated Internet marketing campaign are:

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Integrated Internet Marketing: Organic SEOThe first cog in a successful integrated Internet marketing strategy is organic search engine optimization.

Because organic search results are based on the relevancy and authority of your web page for the specific keyword phrase being searched by a user, organic search engine optimization is an essential strategy for your online presence.

When your web page shows up high on page one for a searcher’s targeted keyword query, you’ve just told the user that you’re a highly relevant and trusted source for what they’re looking for. While organic SEO campaigns take time to see a payoff, the sustainable results they provide offer excellent ROI.

Paid Search Marketing (PPC Advertising)

Integrated Internet Marketing: PPC AdvertisingPaid search campaigns (aka Pay Per Click or PPC Advertising) is an incredibly powerful way to instantly reach targeted consumers who are searching for what you have to offer.

Unlike organic search, which takes time to build top rankings for the more competitive keywords, paid search is instantaneous in its approach. As soon as you setup your paid search campaign and activate it, your ads will start showing up near the top (or down the right side) of the search results.

One of the most appealing things to marketers about paid search is being able to pay ONLY when someone clicks on your ad, and its high level of targeting down to the geographic area and the exact keywords you want to go after. Paid search is also a great prequel to organic search, allowing you to analyze which keywords are the most converted and most profitable prior to you optimizing your web pages for organic search.

Social Media Marketing

Integrated Internet Marketing: Social MediaSocial media marketing has emerged as one of the top Internet marketing strategies today. Participating in social media channels such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook allows businesses to connect with their customers to increase brand visibility.

Social Media marketing is also an excellent way to promote your content and draw in customers with special offers and promotions that help boost brand loyalty.

Social media also has an impact on organic search with Google now including social media signals into its highly sophisticated algorithm, thus increasing its importance for your integrated Internet marketing campaign.

Email Marketing

Integrated Internet Marketing: Email MarketingEmail marketing is an excellent cost-efficient way to communicate your brand message with your customers.

Much like social media, email marketing allows you to engage with your customers on your products and services, offer them special deals and promotions and increase impressions for your brand to targeted consumers.

Email marketing also benefits your content marketing strategy, providing another avenue to channel your content through to get it in front of users.

Content Marketing

Integrated Internet Marketing: Content MarketingThe livelihood of your Integrated Internet marketing strategy hinges on great content.

Developing a cohesive content marketing strategy that promotes your company’s brand message throughout a variety of different channels is a crucial aspect for multiple facets of your Integrated Internet marketing strategy.

Content marketing can play into your organic search, social media and email marketing campaigns, driving higher rankings, more shares and social visibility, and increasing exposure of your content by promoting it through email.

When developing a content marketing strategy, the most important ingredient is creating awesome, interesting, share-able content that readers will enjoy. Diversifying your content by producing blogs, articles, whitepapers, videos, podcasts, etc., ensures you’re reaching a diverse range of Internet users.

Integrated Internet Marketing in Summation

You may find success investing in one or two of these Internet marketing strategies. But if your company is committed to succeeding in the online marketplace, tapping each of these avenues by investing in an integrated Internet marketing strategy can result in higher brand awareness, increased traffic and long-term customer loyalty.

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