Atlanta Named Top 5 City in U.S. for SEO Jobs

Among the top five cities in the U.S. for SEO jobs, Atlanta claimed the #4 position next to Chicago, Boston, and Phoenix. Atlanta’s ranking, which is an improvement from last year, reflects a new 2017 job market study conducted by Sandbox SEO.

Best Cities SEO Jobs Atlanta

Image source: Sandbox SEO

The study curated and analyzed the “Best Cities to Get an SEO Job” in America based on the volume of job postings that include “SEO” in the title. As prefaced in the study, a caveat to keep in mind is that “SEO becoming less of a job title and more of a key skill to have in a Swiss Army type of role.”

Nonetheless, “SEO” (compared to related titles like “Inbound Marketing” or “Content Marketing”) is still a heavy favorite when it comes to job titles. As posted on sites like as “SEO Rockstart” or “SEO Legend,” job postings with “SEO” continue to remain strong.

SEO Continues to Grow in the South

According to Search Engine Journal’s related piece 2017’s SEO Job Trends: What Does it Mean for Your SEO Career?, Tylor Hermanson takes the overall geographical analysis of SEO job demand one step further.

Based on SEO title opening growth by region (August 2016 – January 2017), the south is leading the way in the U.S. with 3.5% growth.

South Atlanta SEO Jobs

Image source: Search Engine Journal

Despite the regional trends taking place in the south, SEO positions are not opening at the same rate of overall employment. Hermanson notes that:

“Indeed listings with ‘SEO’ in the title are down 13.2%% since May with a Pearson correlation of -0.8244 when compared to SEO workforce growth in LinkedIn.”

SEO Job Trends

Image source: Search Engine Journal

While considerations like seasonality are definite factor, perhaps one of the most common reasons for this decline is that SEO jobs are slowly being called something else. In fact, Hermanson notes that the ratio of SEO as a job title to SEO as a skill has only declined 3.2% since May.

The Future Outlook on SEO Jobs

Contrary to questionably-supported claims that “SEO is dead,” SEO jobs are not going anywhere anytime soon, especially in Atlanta. If you’re seeking jobs in the search marketing profession, it’s perfectly fine to assume a job with SEO in the title.

And if you’re an employer, you don’t have replace “SEO” with an alternative title that reflects the latest buzzwords. “Website optimization,” “inbound marketing,” and “content marketing” can all have varying job roles but their duties often overlap with traditional means of SEO.