The Art of Local SEO: Integrating Content Marketing & Social Media

Content Marketing for Local SEOWhen it comes to mastering the craft of local SEO in Atlanta, the brands and business that dominate the search results have a few things in common.

That is, they earn their local SEO authority by producing exceptional, audience-valued content.

Furthermore, they share that content on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

The value of socially-driven content marketing impacts a business’ bottom line in more ways than one. Great content gets attention naturally, which can grow a social media following in a viral fashion. Not only can content marketing direct inbound traffic to your website (which converts to in-market leads,) but a strong social media presence adds a layer of online credibility, which directly influences search engine authority (and thus local SEO performance.)

This is the art of local SEO in 2014: producing and sharing valuable articles, videos, graphics, and other forms of rich content that real people can benefit from. Below we share three actionable insights that can transform the web presence of your Atlanta-based business, all the while helping to boost your search engine rankings.

1. Invest in Growing Your Social Media Following

Emerging as one of the most powerful SEO strategies for local businesses and brands is growing the number of followers on social media sites. Why?

An active social media presence has a profound impact on social media. Think of social media as attribute that signifies credibility to the search engines. The more followers, likes, pins, +1’s, tweets (and re-tweets) a social media post earns (which is often linked to the website of its origin,) the more trust and credibility the source earns.

So how do you expanding your social following to benefit your local Atlanta SEO efforts? You could try

  • spending a few dollars per day in promoted Facebook posts to targeted users in your area
  • joining communities on Google+ and being active by commenting, +1’ing, and sharing posts
  • following (or encircling) other businesses and influencers on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Get creative and think of ways in which you can leverage all possible resources to tap into new audiences.

2. Produce Content That Has Purpose & Meaning

In 2013, local SEO was fueled by content that had keyword relevancy. So if you’re business model centered on laser tattoo removal in Atlanta, then writing and publishing blog posts about why your business was the best at laser tattoo removal in Atlanta would further increase keyword relevancy and overall SEO value.

Now, those content strategies will only go so far. The art of SEO in 2014 centers on producing content that has purpose and meaning to your target market. Such content focuses on how your business’ products or services solve a problem, offer a solution, or provide honest value.

Generating valuable content of the like takes a strong sense of empathy. You need to delve deep in the minds of your target audience and think about the problems and issues that they encounter, and how you can enlighten them with a potential solution that some how relates to your business. This brainstorming process is the essence of defining the topics that fuel your content marketing strategy.

3. Think Beyond Text-based Blogging

To dovetail on the last tip about generating ideas for content marketing, the format in which you present these ideas is critical to grab the attention of your users. Although a convenient format to produce and share content, text-based content is indeed effective but only serves a purpose when conveying specific messages. For local SEO, think beyond text-based articles and blog posts.

If you really want to ramp-up your level of engagement, invest in producing a video. Videos are by far the most effective content marketing tool used for local SEO. Not only are videos more engaging that text-based articles, but they can also be optimized to show-up in the organic search results.

An alternative to videos when delving into rich-media content marketing are graphics and photos. These can be infographics or simply photos that accompany your article. If it’s your own text-based content you’re sharing, make it a rule to always include an image. Better yet, learn how to optimize videos before uploading them to your article or social media post.

Podcasts are also growing in popular form of communication. These surely require a more long-term investment, but simply earning the honor of being a guest or an advertiser on a good podcast is just one more way to inbound traffic to your website.

As you can see, content marketing and social media are simply branding mechanisms that can boost your website’s local SEO value. If you’re in a competitive marketplace like Atlanta, GA, then these elements are essential to thrive.