7 Takeaways from Inbound Marketing Day Atlanta 2015

7 Takeaways from Atlanta Inbound Marketing Day 2015

“Tell me a fact and I will learn. Tell me a truth and I will believe. Tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”- Indian Proverb  

In a world where we increasingly rely on digital content to make decisions, and our technological devices to communicate, we are now witnessing digital marketing evolve to focus on a very powerful, yet innate and familiar concept – storytelling.

Storytelling was at the forefront of the Inbound Marketing Day conference held at the Roam Atlanta coworking space on Thursday, March 5, 2014. Conference attendees took in the opportunity to hear about storytelling, the future of digital marketing, and authentic social engagement from an impressive authorship panel of Michael Schaefer (@markwschaefer), Ted Wright (@TedWrightMedia), Ardath Albee (@ardath421), and Viveka Von Rosen (@LinkedInExpert).

For the team at Captivate Search Marketing, Inbound Marketing Day Atlanta left us with the lasting impression that humans (and target audiences) are sensory driven people who need (and what) to know us (and our companies) personally, and the most effective means of communicating that is through storytelling.

Aside from framing and communicating an authentic brand story, the panel at IMD Atlanta left digital marketers with 7 great takeaway points for improving brand visibility and consumer engagement:

“Be an Influencer!”- Ted Wright

Create opportunities for influencers to catch your story. You don’t find the influencers; the influencers find you.

“Love the top 3% of loyal followers” – Michael Schaefer

Loyal followers are the ones who will intrinsically sell your brand for you.

“Campaigns are no longer effective”- Ardath Albee

People need guidance and personal stories on how this product will help them. Nobody likes to be sold to!

“The right information at the time they need it.” – Ardath Albee

Time is your biggest Adversary- Stories can only influence before or during the decision making process.

“Be a heroic brand”- Mark Schaefer

Everybody is looking for a cinematic hero who trusts will save them before they know they need saving.

“Make one, take one”– Ted Wright

Win trust that comes with freely investing in clients before making a sale. Give much and you will receive much.

Linkedin Showcase shares stories- Viveka Von Rosen

Von Rosen shared how Linkedin’s showcase pages boosts brand visibility. Showcases can share up to 10 events which drives community storytelling.

In the end, in spite of how much marketers want to sell a product or service, the real value in digital marketing and social networking is in the authenticity of your story.

How does your brand communicate your story?