68 Inbound Marketing Tips for Greater ROI (Infographic)

Now that the NCAA Tournament participants have been finalized and everyone is scrambling to fill out their tournament brackets for their office pools, the team at Captivate Search Marketing thought we could add to the spirit of March Madness by releasing a bracket of our own!

With 68 teams punching their tickets to the NCAA Tournament, we put together a bracket featuring 68 actionable Inbound Marketing Tips you can use right now to earn greater ROI.

68 Inbound Marketing Tips for Greater ROI

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We broke down our bracket into 4 main regions (On-site Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing/Link Building, and Pay Per Click Advertising) just like those folks at the NCAA do (Midwest, South, West, East), and we also provide a bonus region (Offline Marketing) to take the place of the NCAA’s play-in games.

Inbound Marketing Tips: Bracket Breakdown

Below we provide some insights for our inbound marketing bracket, including a region-by-region breakdown of our 68 Tips for achieving greater ROI from your Inbound Marketing efforts.

On-site Optimization Region

On-site optimization is all about building a solid foundation for your website to succeed. Our 16 inbound marketing tips in this region will help you better prepare to achieve organic rankings with proper keyword usage, content structure, and Microdata markup such as Schema.org and Open Graph Protocol.

Our on-site Inbound marketing tips also touch on optimizing your site for higher rates of conversion by making it incredibly easy for users to contact you and by testing calls to action so you’re continually improving your rates of conversion.

Social Media Marketing Region

It’s no secret that social media is an essential facet of Inbound Marketing nowadays. Sadly, though, companies still aren’t capitalizing on users in the social space who either already like their brand, or are interested in a product that your brand offers.

By engaging users, extending your social visibility using both organic and paid methods, and by providing an incentive for users to keep coming back to your social pages, you’re helping fill the funnel of Inbound traffic from social media.

Pay Per Click Advertising Region

Pay Per Click is all about getting the most visibility from the highest qualified searchers – for the least amount of money. Our Inbound Marketing tips for PPC region hones in on ways you can optimize your Adwords/Adcenter account campaign structure organizationally, as well as provides tips for how to attract the most qualified searchers (sometimes only in your local area).

These tips also offer ways for you to give users who see your Ads the best experience by serving up compelling Ad cop, getting them to the quality information they want to see, and ways to entice more conversions once they get to your site.

Content Marketing/Link Building Region

Creating great content focused on users, and not search engine spiders, is key for Inbound Marketing success. In the Content Marketing/Link Building region of our Inbound Marketing tips, we touch on diversifying your content by using images, videos, and, eBooks, and blog posts.

We also encourage taking advantage of longtail keyword opportunities, using social media, building relationships and networking with others within your local area and your industry to earn guest post opportunities that will open your brand to other audiences.

Content marketing is a facet of Inbound Marketing where your brand can really shine in front of users who want what you have to offer. Take advantage of the opportunities and do things the right way.

Bonus Offline Marketing Region

Didn’t think some of the more traditional Offline marketing strategies could have an impact on your Inbound Marketing? Truth is, they absolutely can! Sending out a piece of direct mail or purchasing some space on a billboard that directs people to your website are great examples of how offline marketing can impact your Inbound traffic.

Other means of generating more Inbound activity from offline strategies might include getting out and networking your brand, handing out business cards or free coffee cups, or even hosting a free instructional event for other local business owners!

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