5 Reasons Squidoo Rocks for Content Marketing

Squidoo Rocks for Content MarketingWhen it comes to publishing contextual content like articles, ebooks, and blog posts, Squidoo dominates. Squidoo is a community-based content sharing network where users can create “lenses”.

A lens is basically a page that offers information, advice, news, recipes, how-to’s, opinions, or just about anything that has a respectable topic of focus. So what makes Squidoo so bad ass? Well, if you’re into content marketing, Squidoo offers a number of great benefits. So let’s dive into five of them right now.

Optimal Content Control

The nice thing about Squidoo is the lack of limitations for content creation. Anyone can exploit their creativity and produce a lens based on virtually any topic. Some ideas for Squidoo lenses attract a lot more attention than others, so be sure to keep your target audience in mind when mapping out the presentation and structure of your content. There’s also tremendous control in using Squidoo’s editing platform. Based on a module system, you can add text blocks, images, polls, link lists, and so on. This provides optimal control in how you create your lens.

Immense Topical Flexibility

Parallel to the amount of control Squidoo offers is the amount of flexibility. Users can take advantage of many different features. Some of these include the integration of Amazon.com and eBay.com product feeds, Google News and RSS feeds, social media marketing, Flickr photos and other forms of rich media like videos. The degree of flexibility in using Squidoo surpasses most other platforms for content marketing. As a result, your lens can offer more than just content. You can provide your visitors with an experience.

Link Building for SEO

Squidoo is without question one of the top content marketing platforms for SEO. Anyone who understands a bit about SEO and website optimization knows the importance of earning or building backlinks. Squidoo enables users to build contextual links in the copy of lenses, as well as make ‘link lists’ using one the modules. The allowance of links is a huge benefit for organic search engine optimization. Furthermore, Squidoo has no limitations to the amount of links you build, nor the anchor text you use. In essence, you can build as many optimized links as you desire.

Note: As of April 2013, Squidoo decided to nofollow all outbound links from its users’ lenses. While this makes any and all links built for SEO purposes no longer pass PageRank, that doesn’t mean you should lose sight of the inbound traffic benefit you can get from the Squidoo community users who are reading your great content. Even then, if your content is good enough, it can earn natural links from the blogs/websites of the Squidoo community users.

Timely Publishing

So long as you do not use certain verbiage that is sensitive to Squidoo’s policies, your lens can be published immediately. This timeliness is huge for all types of users, especially SEO’s and marketers who like to have their content crawled and indexed as soon as possible. In the instance that you do use sensitive verbiage (we have found the terms “backlinks” and “link building” will trigger the alarm), you can request a manually review of your lens. Acceptance might take up to a week, so be patient if this happens.

Substantial Community Base

Squidoo Rocks for Content MarketingA lot of people love Squidoo, not only as a publishing platform, but also as a social community. Because Squidoo has such a significant community base, individuals are more likely to stumble upon your lenses compared to other content publishing platforms. This also underscores the importance of proper tagging. In short, be relentless when tagging you lenses. In addition to your lenses being found by other Squidoo members, you lenses have great potential to be found in the search engine results.

If you lens has a distinct keyword focus or theme (and if your lens earns link popularity from other sources), it can become a powerful, well-ranking page with a substantial search engine authority. Furthermore, any links you have built in your lens can become stronger and more authoritative for your SEO efforts. For this reason, it is wise to create lenses that offer valuable content, even if the sole purpose of your lens is to build links for SEO.

Are you using Squidoo for content marketing or SEO? What do you like about it? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.