Today’s Captivating News – Digital Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Digital Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

csm1Online advertising changes come out every 8-12 weeks, so you can’t plan a year ahead of time. You need a flexible and adjustable marketing strategy. Also, you need to separate budget, campaign spending, and actual cost.

Don’t start with multiple platforms at once; start small and scale it up. Decide to use push-marketing, which looks at demographics so that social media is more effective, or pull-marketing, which is better for keyword-driven platforms. Start cross-channel remarketing ASAP, which will help drive conversion rates. And don’t rush through funnel split tests.

Google Analytics: Numbers You Need to Know

csm2To understand how offline activity affects online results, look at direct traffic, which is the single largest indicator of how marketing materials affect your online business. Also, look at spikes in brand queries on search engines – people will be searching for you if your marketing was successful.

Google Analytics can change display campaigns based on data from email marketing tools. Link your customer management data to Google Analytics to integrate them. Segment your users and use remarketing here. Also, utilize custom URLs  to segment visits for offline marketing, which will ensure that hits come solely from your offline marketing efforts.

Misconceptions About Link Building

csm3Link building has been a consistent and reliable strategy for improving search rankings, but must be adapted for modern use. If people buy into the old ideas, Google will crack down harder because people are engaging in link-building activities the wrong way. The Internet will become a worse place, and link building will get a bad reputation.

Note that today, quantity doesn’t matter as much as quality – one great link outweighs 100 low-quality ones. Every link does not need to be manually built; let the links come to you naturally. Unless you’ve done something egregious, you probably won’t get a penalty. Also, link building is not an independent strategy. It should be integrated with content and social. Building links should not be the focus. Instead, build your brand.