Captivating News – Writing Great Copy

Writing Great Copy

csm1Email copy should be enticing, impactful, concise, clear, high-impact, and action-oriented. Blog copy should be story-based and engaging, with personality and opinion. Newsletter copy should have divided sections, short sentences, and a call to action. Text for newsletter copy should be informative, consistent, and educational.

Facebook copy needs to be shareable, action-oriented, conversational, and short, with images, links, and video. Instagram copy should be short and contextual, with hashtags. LinkedIn copy should be personable, professional, and concise. Website copy will be informative, concise, and clear, with important information high up, keywords, links, and a call to action.

CPC Growth Is Down – But Not on Smartphones

csmblog2Adobe’s new Digital Advertising Report says that click-through rate growth is increasing, but cost per click growth has dived. However, on smartphones, the gap between the two has reversed. “Mobilegeddon” was a big factor in the rise of mobile paid search, and organic traffic is 10 percent lower on sites with low mobile engagement.

Price is another factor; mobile clicks are cheaper than desktop clicks for now because they’re perceived to be of less value. Innovative changes will be required to drive future business success. Facebook’s CPC growth is flat but CTR is up 99 percent year over year. This success is due to better targeting.

Google Search Tricks

If you’re looking for a definition, type “define” and the word and Google takes you straight to it. Look for words in exact order by using quotation marks. Exclude words by adding a minus sign followed by unwanted words. Search a range of prices or dates by separating lowest and highest numbers by two periods.

Search within a website by typing “site:” followed by the URL. Enter search terms with asterisks as stand-ins for unknown words. Search by file type using “filetype:PPT”. Search “Set timer” to manage your time. Type in an equation and Google will calculate it. You can also convert currency, search for a specific .gif and search by “intitle:”.