Captivating News – Which Tweets Are Being Indexed by Google?

Which Tweets Are Being Indexed by Google?

csm1Five months ago, Twitter and Google announced a new deal, and today Google has freedom to index real-time tweets – but how many, given there are 9,000 tweets sent per second? A new study says the majority of Twitter content is not being indexed – only about 3.4 percent. That’s still 466 percent higher than before.

The study shows that tweets aren’t getting additional SEO value, yet. The tweets that are getting picked up are from profiles with higher follower counts and more authority. So your standing is a factor, and there may be increased Google exposure for brands that figure in discussion and keywords.

What Are Dark Facebook Posts?

csm2In 2015, Facebook has more than 40 million small business pages. And dark Facebook posts are an important piece of the puzzle, targeting a narrow audience without upsetting the rest of their fans. They don’t appear on your timeline but can be seen by a percentage of the audience, which you can decide upon.

Dark posts offer certain advantages, if you want to market different products to separate categories of prospects, or reach different audiences without over-posting, or stay active on different battlefields without losing focus. They help with A/B testing, and they’re a great way for promoting local events.

ROI-Improving Campaign Types

csm3Some campaign types are more slightly more innovative, and maybe you haven’t tried them all yet! For one thing, use Dynamic Search Ads. This is great when you have rotating inventory. Also, consider Smart Lists, which are basically conversion optimizers for remarketing.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, or RLSA, is a campaign type lets you use broad and general keywords with remarketing audiences. Gmail Sponsored Promotions scan your emails for relevant keywords to serve you ads on. And Similar Audiences targets users similar to the ones who have already converted on your site. You should always be testing something cool and new.