Captivating News – Ways to Convert More Mobile Users

Ways to Convert More Mobile Users

csm1More than half of all traffic to e-commerce sites comes from mobile devices, but conversion rates are low. Change this by stepping up to cross-device targeting, because today’s consumers are multi-platform users.

Create more push notifications, and offer unique, personalized content. 

Use more video. How-tos, DIY tips, product demos, and even home-made videos can go viral. Note that over half of all searches on mobiles have local intent, and 61 percent of those searches result in a purchase. Also, embrace mobile payment options. They’re the credit cards of the future, so adopt them soon.

How to Master Instagram

csm3Instagram can be a real powerhouse for all kinds of companies. Get started by taking it easy. Fill out your profile and get to know the program and its options before posting. Use hashtags, as 
they are a key way of standing out on Instagram. Make sure hashtags are relevant.

Write descriptions of what you post; use keywords and details of your business. Follow instructions on image size, because it can be hard to get it right on Instagram. Be active. Instagram may require more a bit more interactivity than other places to build momentum. Relate to your public and understand your public.Don’t post so often, or it’ll look like you’re trying too hard. Promote!

Establishing A Professional Twitter Account

csm2Don’t just get by with an incomplete and unprofessional account. Complete your profile and optimize your bio. This is a simple task, but must be done in an honest and polished way.

Connect with authorities in your niche. Engage with these people, contribute, retweet. Add value to the conversation. 

Share valuable content often. Set up a content calendar; don’t post just for the sake of posting, or you’ll become a nuisance. then, analyze and improve. Use tools like Twitter Analytics. Twitter is a powerful tool for content discovery, communication, and networking, used properly.