Captivating News – Twitter Making Push Into Video Content

Twitter Making Push Into Video Content

csm2 Twitter this week unveiled two big updates. The first is that users can now upload video content through the Twitter desktop application, and new editing tools are available. Previously, you could only do this through mobile. Videos must be under 512MB and 30 seconds in length, but a new trimming tool lets you edit this.

Twitter has also announced changes to video ad offerings, so it’s easier for advertisers to run pre-roll ads on organic content without having existing publisher-advertiser deals in place. Reports suggest the ad revenue split would be 70 percent to the publisher, which is better than other platforms.

What Mobile Users Really Want

csm1It’s not just information, it’s how the information is presented. In a survey mobile users said they tend to search for restaurants, followed by entertainment options and retail businesses. These are all on-the-go needs. They want contact information and business hours displayed prominently, and click-to-call is a bonus.

Prices are also important, along with directions and photos. Testimonials, video, social media links, informational articles and blog posts were sought after by some respondents. The more easily navigable information a site can have, the better. Bad web design is a killer, but many people have discovered new businesses through phone searches.

Reasons Brands Should Be on Instagram Now

csm3Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, second only to Facebook now. It’s popular with younger demographics, but advertisers have only recently started to adopt it, so there are opportunities available.

There’s a sense of community on Instagram that develops organically on Instagram, and engagement is a given because it’s easy and numbers can get high. Also, many Instagram users are based outside the U.S., so you can communicate globally. There’s room for creativity, with filters and other tools. And Instagrammers are open to new perspectives and discovery. Advertising is subtler, but there’s a window of opportunity now.