Captivating News – Topical Trust Flow Replacing PageRank

Topical Trust Flow Replacing PageRank

csm1 PageRank isn’t as important as it used to be. Today, the metric to look at is Topical Trust Flow, which determines the topical relevance of the site based on its links with other relevant topics. It measures how much value a site has to users.

Content has become more important, as has user experience and interactivity. Design and structure is important. Optimized pages, in which description tags and title tags are used, are important. Keywords are getting less so. By leaning on Topical Trust Flow as a ranking metric, Google has created a search engine that’s helpful for human beings rather than robots.

Are You Making It Easy for Search Engines?

csm2Before the user makes it to the site, search engines have to make entry easy. When you improve the quality of the site path for search engines, you’re doing the same for users. Think about how well your site is communicating with your server and the properties requesting page files. Look for issues with network connectivity and domain authorization issues.

In Google Analytics, look at your time-related metrics. Run your most important site pages through a tester. Test your page-load times. Is your page rendering the same for search engines as it is for users? Get rid of duplicate pages so crawlers can get through faster.

Perils of a Neglected Online Community

csm3Most firms who have neglected their online community think about it as an underused software application, not a customer experience. This can be harmful to revenue potential and customer retention. Start by deleting spam. Refresh the content, start a newsletter, and do an online community health check.

Participation is crucial, because chances are that a lot of customers have seen your community more than other assets you’ve produced. Sometimes, communities don’t naturally get engagement as a result of lack of staffing, a failure to nurture members, and inconsistent rewards. Social and technical aspects are important, also, and you must offer meaningful features. You should consider how to reinvigorate your community and set it back on track.