Captivating News – The Twitter Buy Button Is Here

The Twitter Buy Button Is Here

csm1Today, Twitter announced that the “buy” button is now available to merchants who use Demandware, Bigcommerce, or Shopify to run their online shopping operations. Users can buy products in as few as two taps – a buy and a confirm.

The first time people buy through Twitter, they’ll have to fill out fields on a payment and contact screen first. After that, it’s meant to be an easy process. The button has been tested for two years, and will most likely be followed by similar buttons on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. YouTube announced Tuesday that advertisers can place “buy” buttons in other people’s videos.

Why Content Needs to be Controversial

csm2Content is all the same, but you can offer a unique voice by taking a controversial stance. You don’t want to be overtly offensive, and you must strike a balance in expressing strong opinions supported by facts so that it doesn’t backfire on your brand. Controversial content can increase site traffic, social shares, comments, and links.

Some viewers won’t agree, and some will abandon your brand. But those who do agree with be more passionate about your brand. Controversies generate discussion and make people feel more invested. They also help you illustrate your authority in the industry, and demonstrate conviction. However, there are some issues where taking a stance is inappropriate, so approach controversy with a discerning eye.

Combat Ad Fatigue

csm3Ad fatigue happens when your audience becomes bored with the familiarity of your ads and stops paying attention. This affects effectiveness and ROI, but there are some easy way to combat this.

Change the background of your image ads. A change of scenery helps people notice them again. Keep your ads fresh and up-to-date with ad customizers. They dynamically update your ad with tailored messaging and time-sensitive calls to action. Rotate your ads indefinitely with an ad schedule at relevant times of the day and days of the week. Find when you’re getting high conversion rates, and base you ad schedule on that.