Captivating News – The Rise of Social Video

The Rise of Social Video

csm1Video has become very popular, and can help get your business discovered. Consider using Vimeo, which is geared toward filmmakers, artists, professionals, and others who want to share high-quality work. Also, Instagram is a video sharing service that has gained massive success, and cross-promotes with owner Facebook.

Vine offers short snippets of videos (six seconds) looped for demonstration purposes or comedic effect, and is linked to Twitter. The Choco app gives access to slightly longer video (eight seconds) with narration options. And MikMak, only on iOS devices currently, produces “minimercials” selling inexpensive products.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Links

Though you may be getting the message that it’s manipulative to ask for links, it’s not. The fact is, building great content isn’t enough. You have to promote yourself by educating prospects, building loyalty, aiding conversions, driving newsletter signups, improving engagement, and amplifying your site through social media. You need visibility to do this. You need links.

Google has made us afraid of links by spreading confusion, and made us think that no tactics for getting links are safe. You can still build links; seek the ones that you deserve rather than doing it with a mindset of “how can I manipulate the algorithm.” Ensure you’re using best practices and you’ll see growth.

Why You Need a Social Media Calendar

csm2Social media will drive your ROI if done correctly; 78 percent of Americans say social media impacts their buying decisions. So, a calendar should help you develop your editorial strategy, allocate your resources, publish high-quality pieces, and organize the way you curate and create content.

A good calendar includes icons for each network, is easy to read, reflects which of your writers is responsible for each piece of content, and is broken down into months and days. It’ll help you keep track of performance and be more effective. It will keep you from creating poorly timed posts and missing posting dates. And it will stop you from neglecting or spamming one platform.