Captivating News – The Power of Twitter Hashtags

The Power of Twitter Hashtags

csm1Hashtags are an important tool for helping organize and sort tweets; use the right ones, and they are insanely powerful. They can attach your tweet to a topic that’s trending, getting you more traffic.

If you include an image and get early action, it may stay at the top of search results. You have an advantage if you’ve worked on building your Twitter following and are considered influential. But, if you’re trying to sell all the time and only looking at your social network as a potential lead base, you’re not getting it. The real leverage, though, is in creating tweets relevant to your industry.

Perform Twitter Research to Improve Ad Performance

csm2Twitter can be a tricky platform, since performing keyword research is different than standard search campaigns, thanks to user intent – people want to look at news, share thoughts, and engage with others. Turn to your Keyword Planner on Google AdWords to understand search volume, cost per click, and find other relevant keywords.

Look at relevant and related hashtags to help target your ads. Analyze your influencers’ Twitter accounts to find keywords, content, engaging tweets, interaction. Then, start to engage your influencers through chats, shares, and promotion. Hone in on time of day and locations to increase performance of ads. This will help you increase performance and maximize ROI.

The 2015 State of Social Media Marketing

csm3Social media continues to be a top priority, even though organic reach has become more difficult to reach. The most popular networks is Facebook, followed by YouTube, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Out of the world population, active social media accounts are at 29 percent penetration and active Internet users are at 42 percent, so growth is possible.

Except for Reddit, average monthly change of mobile web share went up on all social networks in Q2. YouTube and Facebook have the highest share of total Android users. People shop for weddings the most, followed by clothing and antiques/collectibles, but location matters in terms of e-commerce. All networks are constantly changing and adjusting their offers for users as well as brands.