Captivating News – The Big 5 in SEO

The Big 5 in SEO

csm1Inbound marketing strategies continue to get more sophisticated and challenging. You’ll need to focus on critical aspects in the future, including content. Google’s algorithms focus on the actual value of content, so it needs to be high-quality, relevant, and useful.

Know the difference between good backlinks, bad backlinks, and associated traits. Mobile optimization is essential, and Google will reward you. Images and videos must be optimized as part of any good SEO strategy, and should include good file names, image tags, and alt tags. And speed is a crucial factor for ranking. If your site takes too long to load, you’ll lose prospects too.

Repurposing Your Blog Content for Social Media

csm2If you’ve been blogging for a while, you can tweak old content into new. Use quality, evergreen content. Turn an infographic into a SlideShare presentation, which will get you new traffic and leads. Quote from a blog post and turn it into a Facebook image.

Use video marketing – repurpose a step-by-step guide into a YouTube video. Use elements from previous content as answers on Quora, linking back to the original article. Change your content into an image post on Twitter and link back. Take an old blog post and publish it on LinkedIn. Or turn your posts into a webinar or podcast, with live discussion and a Q&A.

Why Are People Afraid of E-Commerce?

Online shopping has become crucial to retailer success, but buyers still have fears: about credit card information being stolen, that they’re not purchasing from a “real” store, that you can’t tell what the product is really like, that no salespeople are available for help, that the store is selling information to third parties, that they can’t track orders, and that they won’t be able to return an item.

But, to lower their anxieties, customers can check for an “https” URL, avoid clicking on pop-ups, check the address bar for validation, get rid of malware, avoid opening lots of tabs, manage passwords, and use one-time credit card numbers.