Captivating News – The Advanced Guide to YouTube SEO

The Advanced Guide to YouTube SEO

csm1Like Google, YouTube uses a complex ranking algorithm. YouTube looks for a consistent stream of fresh content, and favors “how-tos,” product reviews, tutorials, sports and fitness content, and anything “cute.”

Create longer videos, because YouTube tracks how long users engage. Name your file with a short word, using keywords and hyphens. Optimize Channel Image, use header links, fill out a keyword-rich channel description, add sub playlists, optimize your channel navigation, add favorite channels, and give your videos proper titles and descriptions. Utilize closed-captioning and be the first to comment. Embedding, back linking and social signals show YouTube your video should rank.

Why Your Email Marketing Failed

csm2Only 60 percent of marketers report a positive ROI from email marketing. Are you mailing from a personal account? This may end up as spam. Perhaps you didn’t ask permission. Move to a double opt-in protocol, which gives you better results. 

Or maybe you’re sending to bad email addresses. That could get you blacklisted, so validate your lists first.

Another mistake is overselling your message in the subject. Don’t let people down. Perhaps you aren’t personalizing your messages – these have higher click-through rates. You should also create segmented campaigns, mail regularly, add a call-to-action (but not too many), and optimize your landing pages.

Blog Traffic: Getting More Visitors to Your Site

csm3If you want additional traffic to your blog and help building a reputable name online, try to use the most suitable keywords, mid-tail keywords, that aren’t as common but still get a lot of search volume. Small businesses have a better chance of ranking by using these.

Create superior content to gain traction. Length matters – 3,000-10,000 word pieces get the most average shares. Site design also matters – it should be fast, intuitive, and responsive. And then there’s promotion. Send out emails to people who have shared similar content – marketing tools are available to help with all these processes.