Captivating News – Testimonials: Increase Your Visitors’ Trust

Testimonials: Increase Your Visitors’ Trust

csm1Having testimonials isn’t enough. They work on the basis of social proof, but you should have some that say why your product is awesome. They should touch on the buying process, delivery, and other aspects. When they work, positive reviews can significantly increase sales.

Even negative reviews can be useful if you’ve shown you’ve responded. How you react to negative reviews is important. Storytelling is all the rage right now, and can affect behavior. But this is where it gets tough, especially if you offer a product that doesn’t necessarily solve a problem. Photos are often a good thing, but this depends on your audience. Testimonials from influential people are helpful, and placement is important.

Improve Landing Page Conversions

csm2Landing pages are designed to generate conversions. So, you should limit links – these are potential exit points for visitors, unless they are your call-to-action. You should also split test different variations of your page. Even subtle changes may make a huge difference, but the only way to know this is to test.

The single most important element may be the call-to-action. Make it stand out, use a mouse-over effect, place it above the fold. Add customer testimonials, because they will make customers more inclined to take action. Don’t forget to optimize for mobile traffic; you could be losing 50 percent or more conversions right off the bat otherwise.

Invest in Infographics

csm3You need to invest in infographics, because visual data is absorbed 60,000 times faster than text data. We love figures, but we have no time to digest data, so readership increases if you invest in infographics.

Infographics can increase brand awareness if they tackle related topics. They also produce great traffic. People will want to know more about you if they see compelling content. Infographics work well with social media, and increase your follower numbers. They tend to get shared and engaged with. Also, in today’s global economy, they’ll be delivered to everyone, everywhere. They’re taking over the Internet!