Captivating News – Tackling Mobile Advertising Mistakes in Your PPC Account

Tackling Mobile Advertising Mistakes in Your PPC Account

csm1This year, mobile device users surpassed desktop users. As a result, the average PPC advertiser is seeing lower search conversion rates on mobile. In the mobile space you need to be focused on ad rank.

The ad rank formula is cut and dried. Google multiplies your max CPC bid by Quality Score to get it. So reevaluate your bidding strategy. Promote phone calls; use the click-to-call feature. 
Utilize mobile-preferred ads, as they may more than double your conversions. Also use Call Extensions and Call-Only campaigns. Revamp your landing pages to work with today’s faster mobile devices; poorly designed mobile sites lose prospects.

Beyond YouTube: Alternate Video Venues

Digital video consumption is soaring, but you should investigate video ad venues beyond YouTube. Facebook might be a great home for share-worthy video, which benefits from an auto-play feature. Instagram now allows hyperlinks from videos.

Vine and Periscope don’t permit interrupted video, so advertisers must contact “stars” for product promotion. Pinterest recently added “Cinematic Pins” that start playing when a user stops. Twitch provides a way to reach the 18-24 age demographic. Snapchat is making advertisers “think vertical” and may have pricing innovations. Yahoo recently rolled out video-oriented ad formats recently – native video and video app-install ads.

Words That Add Mystique to Your Social Posts and Headlines

csm3People’s attention can be gotten and retained by fascination. Mystique is created when something is withheld. Take the subjects out of your headlines and blog post titles and replace them with the words “this,” “it,” or “here,” and see what happens.

Leaving your reader hanging can entice them to click or read out of curiosity. You can apply this idea to the body of your content too. It will make your reader follow along and consume more, and it will make them click when there isn’t room to tell the entire story.