Captivating News – Social Media Marketing Practices That Boost Search Ranking

Social Media Marketing Practices That Boost Search Ranking

csm1 Social media can boost your search prospects by making your site more obvious to web search tools. To take advantage, you should recognize your target audience and focus on them. Carefully choose your social media sites to be appropriate for your organization. Upgrade your posts – streamline them for web crawlers. Make sure they’re readable, valuable and not redundant when it comes to keywords, captions, and titles.

Develop your followers and attempt to create something that motivates individuals to share. Use external inbound links, and improve brand awareness. Make sure you locally optimize of your posts, and focus on sound methodology for every platform.

Putting Your Product Feed to Work

csm2Retailers can utilize the product feed as a valuable asset in your ad strategy. Make sure your titles and descriptions are rich and accurate. Otherwise, you risk getting penalized. Don’t forget about your images. In Bing, Product Ads will be moving to a Shopping Campaigns format this summer. You can utilize the same feed for this and your Google Shopping campaigns.

For Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, upload your existing product feed to Facebook. Identify Product Sets to advertise via filters in your catalog, group into Product Groups, and capture activity. Targeting can be based on user actions and layered with Facebook’s targeting parameters. Think about your product advertising in a holistic way!

Launching A Viral Marketing Campaign

csm3Viral marketing is no longer hit-or-miss. Your content must be surprising, interesting, intense, positive, and actionable. There’s no perfect recipe, but start by setting up infrastructure to withstand a big load of hits. 

Identify opportunities. Use a tool to find content that gets shared a lot. Use previous viral successes as gauges.

Track down themes – what works for your audience? Video, blogs, memes? Identify recent trends or news pieces. Have a proper viral seeding strategy – spend a few dollars to help with initial shares, get your employees to start. Then, measure and repeat.