Captivating News – Search and Social: Which Is Best for Business?

Search and Social: Which Is Best for Business?

csm3Will search or social work better for your business? Both have specific benefits. To get a full complement of connections on social, paid ads are the way to go. If you already get organic traffic from Google, etc., social channels may not work for you as well as search engines.

Social alternatives can work well based on your audiences; Google+ does well on Google, B2B companies fare well on LinkedIn, and Snapchat is good for younger demographics. Social media will do better than search in reaching an audience, but search engines can drive visibility better. Search engines attract organic traffic based on intent, so more people are likely to convert. Either way, the battle between these two will go on for years, and you’ll have to fight on both fronts.

Which Copy Is Best for Your Home Page?

csm1Your home page needs to give your audience information. But is shorter copy better? Maybe not. Google likes long copy, so in-depth content is ranked higher. Audiences also like long copy; long copy drives backlinks as well. But short copy has a place; less copy works for audiences that don’t need to be convinced to sign up (such as well-known dating or coupon sites).

To decide on home page copy length, know your goal – subscribers? Downloads? Sales? Focus your page on converting. Find out your customers’ motivation and persuade them. Address problem points like privacy. Know how aware your customer is and incorporate customer feedback; let them help you improve.

The Rise of Content Performance

csm2At the heart of publishing content for performance lie objectives: your audience objectives, your personal objectives, and your business objectives. All your search and social content should contribute to content marketing success. These are interlinked, so look at them as part of a bigger picture and don’t get distracted by vanity metrics such as “likes.”

Get better content performance by establishing a shared, clear, cross-channel goal. Build and work as a search, content, and social super-group towards your goals. Work search and social into your content strategy. Execute, test, and refine. Then, analyze, attribute, and measure performance.