Captivating News – PPC Worst Practices

PPC Worst Practices

csm1Keyword-heavy strategies are becoming extinct. Delete the bottom third keywords and re-deploy that spending to remarketing. The market is shifting away from keyword-based strategies altogether and moving to identity-based targeting. 

Don’t use Dynamic Keyword Insertion for all ad groups; use ad customizers instead. Also, do not use the same strategy on domestic and international campaigns. You must account for regional nuances and cultural trends.

Don’t just focus on Google’s Search Network – look at Bing Ads Search, Google Shopping, remarketing, Google Display Network, paid social media, and popular engines in other countries. And don’t look solely at subjective Quality Scores – consider conversion rates and other concrete data.

Pillars of Great SEO Copywriting

csm2SEO copywriting is a complex business and requires writers to wear a variety of hats, using different talents to craft content. High-quality, unique, well-written content is good SEO’s holy grail. Headlines are the most important part of an article, so SEOs devote a lot of time to them. 

Meta descriptions don’t help rank, but serve potential customers with a preview of coming attractions.

Links are the bread and butter of SEO and you should know how to do them well. Keywords are a central piece, and play a role in ranking, optimizing, and targeting, depending on how spammy or natural they are. All great content needs to rely on these concepts.

Psychological Techniques for Your Social Media Campaign

csm3Manipulation helps motivate and influence, but isn’t always bad. To utilize it, give potential clients a reason you do what you do. This helps get your target audience more inclined to action. Establish similarities between your brand and your audience, in values or music or style. 

Use emotional appeals, because we make decisions based on emotion.

Create a perception of authority – note your certification, experience, featured clients. People prefer to buy from experts in the field. Get prospects to make a small commitment – this makes followers feel closer to your brand. And help them jump on the bandwagon – people are more inclined to do something if a peer has done it before them.