Captivating News – Optimizing Your Facebook Native Videos

Optimizing Your Facebook Native Videos

csm1Videos are a critical component of marketing today. When creating them, make sure they are of high quality. They should be short – under five minutes. The shorter, the better. The average attention span is 8.5 seconds, so you need to capture people’s attention immediately.

When uploading to Facebook, use the description field to tell viewers why you’re sharing it with them, and include additional info and relevant links. Or, be witty! Give it a good name that’s easily searchable and interesting. Choose the right thumbnail, one that’s visually captivating or reveals an important message. Sort your video into the correct category, and choose a call-to-action. Publish and go.

The Pros and Cons of Dark Data

csm2Dark data is data that goes unutilized, and poses benefits as well as concerns. If you can develop a system to manage this information, you can find patterns and insights. It can provide a more complete view of your consumers and your performance.

Many resources are needed to take on this kind of undertaking, but there are intelligence, legal, and reputational risks to not managing dark data. You can use universal encryption, dark data audits, and retention and disposal policies to protect and destroy dark data. Cyber security is very important here.

Signs You Don’t Have a Social Media Strategy

csm3Strategies aren’t much fun, but they are necessary. If you’re winging it, it will be obvious. For one thing, you don’t cater to the different audiences. Each social media platform has different types of users, and you need to know them so that you can give them what they want.

If you’re duplicating content on each platform, that’s a giveaway. Every channel is different, so every one must be updated with different content. You can’t just copy and paste. Also, you need to know your volumes – how often to post, and when. On Facebook, twice a day is sufficient. On Twitter, 4-8 times a day is ideal. Up to 5 times a day is good for Pinterest users.