Captivating News – Optimizing for Quality Score

Optimizing for Quality Score

csm1Google Adwords takes landing page relevance into account when calculating Quality Score for your pay per click campaigns. Google says landing page experience is based on relevant, useful, and original content; transparency and trustworthiness; ease of navigation; and encouragement of visitors to spend time on your site. 

Landing page quality is a small component of Quality Score, and is graded on a pass-fail system.

A relevant page will make it easy to convert and take user intent into account. Clean, minimalist landing pages may be adversely affected if they don’t have enough real information to offer searchers. A good way to find out is A/B testing, which will provide hard data on how different designs impact Quality Score.

Adding Live Social Streaming to Your Strategy

csm2The main difference between desktop streaming and mobile is the device. Desktop video gives you more control and options, but mobile apps (like Periscope and Meerkat) create fast, smooth video feeds anywhere in an immediate way that’s easy to engage with.

It’s new, so this might be a good way to capture an audience ahead of competition, but also unknown. It’s unscripted, which provides humanization of a brand, but offers less control. It’s real-time, which is appealing and exclusive, but timing is crucial. It’s intimate, providing a personal connection. Do you have a spokesperson that can represent the brand live? Are you creating content that would be suited for live video? And how will you measure the effectiveness of this effort?

2015’s Social Media Trends

csm3People are still talking about social media trends. One key trend is images and video becoming more important. Spending on social media ads will go up as organic reach goes down, and more networks will allow ads on their platforms.

Proximity marketing will target potential customers with offers while they’re close to the store. Mobile continues to be a huge topic. We know that social networks will continue to be important for marketing, and it will be more important than ever to retrieve and make sense of all the data available on social media.