Captivating News – Optimizing FAQ Pages for Search

Optimizing FAQ Pages for Search

csm1It can be tricky to optimize Frequently Asked Questions pages. You have to ask your customers what they need. Do it yourself, or talk to the people who work in sales. You can also ask them indirectly by setting up a survey.

Identify the long-tail terms that pop up in customer questions. Research them with tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Find out what frustrates customers, and answer the questions customers don’t know to ask. Find ways to test and iterate on your FAQ page, then update. Remember, some questions should not be answered online, and you should figure out what’s better answered face-to-face.

You Should Run Mobile PPC Ads

csm2Mobile PPC ads are worthwhile because the search landscape has changed. This is a medium on which organic performance isn’t good because screens are small and paid ads with click-to-call are at the top.

If you want people to use your app, you need to get it in front of a new audience. Google says one in four app users find apps through search, and you can engage users through mobile after they download it. If you want people to call you, using mobile allows people to avoid the landing page altogether – it’s more efficient. And mobile is even more important internationally, where more people access the Internet with their phones.

Pinterest Reaches A New Milestone

csm3Pinterest now has more than 100 million users, and the number of searches has increased by 81 percent. You should use it because it pays off long-term, Pinners are open to marketing, and Pinterest influences buying, drives referral traffic, and informs about emerging trends.

To make using Pinterest worthwhile, pin at least five times a day, space out the times you pin, post in group Boards, pin at peak times, promote Boards to other social media accounts, add a call to action, and integrate rich Pins on your blog. Pin infographics, use the correct size for images, incorporate links, follow people, and add text to photos. Be mindful of etiquette.