Captivating News – New “Must-Have” Skills for Digital Marketers

New “Must-Have” Skills for Digital Marketers

Digital marketers must learn how to write clearly and persuasively. This is important for blog posts and website content. You should know how to use WordPress, have basic photo editing skills, be able to format with html, and use MailChimp or other email management tools.

Google AdWords is another important tool. Digital marketers should learn how to run Facebook ads. You also need to know how to market through social media by engaging with customers. You need to understand the basics of search engine optimization and understand how conversation rate optimization works as well.

Winning the AdWords Game

Many people see Google AdWords as a game of chance. It’s true that AdWords is hard to master, but it’s a tool to generate revenue; it works the same for everyone. You should remember that you’re not playing against Google – you’re playing against other opponents.

You pay a cost-per-click amount, which is small in relation to your ROI. So know what game you’re playing, so you recognize how well you’re doing. Recognize your true competition, so that you compete better. And remember, getting help with AdWords is not cheating.

Questions to Ask Before Starting A PPC Campaign

A pay-per-click advertising campaign with Google AdWords can be an effective marketing tactic for lead generation. Determine if PPC is a good option for your company by asking questions. Start with Google Adwords, because Google owns 67 percent of the search market.

First, are prospective customers searching what what you do? What keywords are they searching for? These can be vital. What negative keywords should you use? Does your ad copy match the search terms? Make sure your ads are relevant. Is your landing page specific to your topic? Also, how are you tracking success. Otherwise, it’s a guessing game.