Captivating News – New Facebook Publishing Features for High Engagement

New Facebook Post Publishing Features for High Engagement

csm2One new feature on Facebook, Post End Date, removes out-of-date posts from newsfeeds, though they still display on your Page. This is great for limited-time offers, time-sensitive news, and flash sales. Also, Interest Targeting will help your organic posts. You can display category-specific items to target certain audiences.

Recent API updates have been made, including a video API update with enhanced video publishing controls – you can restrict your audience by age, gender, and location; publish straight to the page; or set expiry dates. Applinks now let you promote content within your company’s app. Users can go straight to the app from a post.

Online Marketing Beyond Facebook and Twitter

csm1There’s nothing wrong with a strategy that includes blogging, Facebook, and Twitter. But you have other options, too. Email marketing remains a communication tool, especially if you integrate your email marketing with customer relationship management, use analytics, follow up with inactive users, and include social media share buttons.

Use Meerkat and Periscope to incorporate live video when making big announcements, carrying on live conservations, providing information, and covering events. Cloud computing can help you automate processes, SlideShare can help you share content, and LinkedIn Groups are still home to many entrepreneurs. Pinterest, Instagram, and Reddit are great ways to attract new people and get a lot of traffic.

Tracking the ROI of Your SEO Content 

csm3In order to measure your content’s real return on investment, you should know how to evaluate analytics. Check your bounce rate. Learn how to use Google Analytics to benchmark your content’s success, and figure out the funnels that users took to your page.

You’ll have to really delve into analytics and learn to evaluate data. You also need to know what analytics are most important for you to evaluate. For example, if you’re getting many shares but no click-throughs, that can be a problem. Use customized tracking links to find out where people are coming from: PPC ads? Searches? Twitter? Now, evaluate and create a new action plan. Repeat.