Captivating News – Mobile Dominance: Boost Your Reach

Mobile Dominance: Boost Your Reach

Mobile recently dethroned desktops in search queries recently, so whatever your business, mobile is a must. Perfect your game with responsive design; visitors think the mobile version of a site should be as good or better than the desktop version.

Think local when it comes to keyword accuracy. Get the necessary technology to support mobile payments. Use your social media as a customer service center. People constantly check these platforms, and they feel more comfortable connecting this way (versus phone calls). Use in-store notifications that trigger when consumers are physically close to your business. Use the “click-to-call” feature on your mobile site. And don’t forget to test.

How Do You Rank on Google?

Google’s algorithms are now better at understanding user intention and rewarding unique, relevant content than ever, according to a Searchmetrics study. Mobile-friendliness, social signals, and backlinks remain positive factors.

Technical items such as domain names, SEO visibility, H2 tags, URLs, site speed, and HTTP encryption remain ranking factors. User experience is also important, especially internal link structure, bounce rate, click-through rate and time spent on site, along with responsive design, font size, and interactive elements. Content has become more extensive, less complex, and more holistic, with keywords less important for external links.

Local SEO for Multiple Locations

csm1There are many ways of optimizing your site for local SEO, so you can be found for multiple locations. Perform proper competitor research so you can decide how to attack a certain niche. Do your research at the population level, so you can identify trends and use your budget appropriately. Assess the competition for ease of ranking.

Embark on an SEO linking strategy that’s specific and locally targeted. Also, on-page optimization is crucial. Audit off-site local SEO information on main money profiles, claim all local SEO profiles, check your local keyword phrases, and use this to define your content and linking strategies. Keep social media in mind, and make sure your information is 100 percent correct.