Captivating News – Make Your Tweets More Shareable

Make Your Tweets More Shareable

csm1Viral tweets boost awareness, sales, and campaigns. Have a straightforward Twitter name that reflects your brand. Get more followers by following people in your industry. Post sensible content. If it’s relevant, timely, and informative, you’ll build community. Answer questions, respond to comments.

Utilize no more than two hashtags to create instant connections, track trending topics, and up engagement. Target peak hours – Thursdays-Sundays around 5 p.m. are good. Use eye-catching words and phrases that evoke vivid mental pictures. Request for retweets sometimes. Give rewards, use Twitter cards, and make the most of images with Twitter’s native uploading systems.

How Content Can Convert Visitors to Customers

csm2Create compelling landing pages, because the first image is the lasting one, and passion can be reflected here. Encourage user-generated content. Reviews are helpful – even bad reviews for inexpensive items can lead to the sale of more expensive products.

Use personalization to greet costumers with products they are more likely to buy. Also, automatically-triggered shopping cart abandonment emails have a high return on investment. Finally, retargeting and remarking strategies work well for any business, large or small. Once visitors are reminded of the product they browsed, they are more likely to buy it.

Maximizing Ad Performance on Instagram

csm3Instagram ads are the latest marketing toy, and Instagram is rolling out ads slowly with clear guidance on what the audience wants. First, Image quality is key. Be creative for people who are seeking entertaining inspiration. 

Develop your own style and theme, with clear color palettes and image framing. This kind of distinction can help your content stand out.

Use images to tell a story, create emotional connections, and capture the essence of what you’re seeking to achieve. Eventually, self-serve Instagram ads will be available to all, and Instagram wants to improve ad quality ahead of any rollout to avoid a user revolt.