Captivating News – Low-Hanging Fruits Any SEO Can Fix

Low-Hanging Fruits Any SEO Can Fix

csm1Most SEOs can do some easy things to make an instant impact on the website. For one thing, title tags can be adjusted. Make titles 50-60 characters long, add a longtail keyword, place that keyword near the beginning of the title, and put your business name at the end of the title tag, separated by a vertical line.

Create optimized H1s – use a single H1, make sure it’s not too short or too long, and don’t duplicate. Add more content – the more, the better.  Add alt tags to images. Add internal links for crawlability. Build internal links. Improve content readability by adding headlines, using bullets and lists, and using paragraphs. Adjust and optimize meta descriptions.

A/B Testing with Google

csm2A/B testing is a powerful tool to test scenarios that will resonate best with your customers. Every business owner should use it. First, select your objective, and fine the metrics that will evaluate your test results. Then, divide your traffic to control who will see each version of the site you’re testing.

Configure your test by adding the URLs of the original page and its variations. Make sure everything is accurate. Then, review and launch. Afterwards, you can evaluate the results. Google will determine the most effective version of the web page based on the previously assigned metrics, so you can publish it. For a site to evolve, it must be tested often.

Be Featured on Facebook Pages in Your Industry

csm3Marketing keeps changing, but follow the three Ps: Push, Promote, and Produce. Big Facebook pages won’t pull your content to their fan page, so you have to push. Do your homework, look at where to push, and think about what value you can offer another company (XYZ Inc).

Promote your post for XYZ Inc. Encourage your readers to share it. Show XYZ Inc. the value you bring to the table as a contributor and promoter. You’ll get reciprocated promotion for your business. Now, produce. Make more content to show your passion for XYZ Inc. but also to show you can be an ongoing asset. Do some cross-promotion, then develop a plan to produce more promotional opportunities.