Captivating News – Local SEO More Important Than Ever

Local SEO More Important Than Ever

csm1Google algorithm updates are making it a veritable zoo out there, but they seek to make the web a better place, with better content. The Pigeon update changed SEO forever, and improved distance and location services to help customers find local businesses. It gave better search rankings to local businesses, and changed the results to a three-pack format.

To stand out today, make use of social media, especially reviews. Optimize content for local signals. Make use of your Google My Business listing, and ramp up your location pages. Don’t focus on city search queries, since Penguin divided cities into neighborhoods. Don’t go for just any directory – target top-ranked ones. Dedicate resources to content marketing.

Is Your Social Media Strategy Working?

csm2You can determine your impact by looking at vanity metrics such as “likes,” “favorites,” “shares,” and “retweets” to see if people are interested in you. Talk to sales staff to see if there’s an increase in activity that’s a result of social media.

Google Analytics can show how social media plays a role in website traffic. Are people more interested in you that before? Also, you’ll probably see an increased workload if your social strategy is working, because you’ll have a higher interaction rate. Most importantly, your return on investment (ROI) will improve, giving you clear evidence that your strategy is working.

Mobile App Marketing Mistakes

csm3Building a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever, because more users are accessing the web with their mobile devices. But don’t make mistakes. For one thing, go native. Native apps are specifically designed for mobile platforms; don’t mistake a mobile website for an app. Learn the difference.

Don’t treat mobile like a desktop. It’s an entirely different platform, requiring different tactics. Keep it simple. Don’t build a mobile app without a marketing plan to make sure people find it and use it. Don’t take your customers for granted, because mobile users discard apps within six months. Don’t ignore consumer behavior; get interactive feedback and install an analytics dashboard to keep them coming back.