Captivating News – Landing Page Success

Landing Page Success

csm2 The point of the landing page is to get visitors to carry on to the next stage in the purchasing process. It needs a clear and concise headline, a brief description of the service and its value, at least one supporting image, and a form to capture information. A video is also desirable.

Effective landing pages tell you exactly what is being offered in a captivating and interactive way. Or, they might be minimalist and simple, combined with a clear call to action. This type of design requires planning and effort. Remember that less is more, and only ask for the information you need.

Which Social Networks Do People Trust?

A new study by Accenture Interactive’s Acquity Group looks at social habits across demographics and how they shape customer preferences. Key takeaways include the fact that millennials are more likely to buy products that appear in their feeds, and that people trust Facebook more than print newspapers. Blogs are the least trusted channel.

People aged 23-20 are most likely to have purchased a product or service as a result of a campaign on social media. People aged 19-22 are the demographic most likely to have purchased based on a YouTube campaign. People tend to share funny videos and videos that spread awareness for a cause.

Intents, Micro-Moments, and Meta-Moments Are Shaping Online Experiences

csm3Your ability to connect and convert occurs in moments. It stars with a spark, or a need. People look for a solution by initiating a search. Results should speak specifically to their intent. 

Social listening helps cultivate brand awareness by providing a solution when people are asking questions. Note that banner ads, popups, and interstitials get in the way of someone fulfilling her need, and they can ruin the consumer experience.

High-quality answers to solutions will be relevant. Make sure the timing of your website aligns with your content. Make brief pauses (meta-moments) possible where you can extend the experience and encourage a deeper relationship. Take the user experience one step further to cultivate your user’s experience.