Captivating News – Landing Page Inspiration

Landing Page Inspiration

csm1If your landing pages need some oomph, get inspired by other web pages. Use aspirational copy with precision and trust signals. Leverage your unique selling proposition. Add interactive elements. Let your images and video do the talking. Make it effortless for visitors to convert.

Get to your point fast. Help visitors visualize a better life and make better choices. 
Make a bold statement. Know your brand so you can take risks. Ask questions to engage people. Appeal to emotions and speak directly to your visitors. Poke fun at common problems. And use color. Now that you know, re-evaluate your landing pages and make them great!

Proof That Content Marketing Is Massively Effective

csm2Today, many consumers research brands; 68 percent send time reading content from brands they like. Also, 90 percent found custom content useful. Around 70 percent say content marketing makes them feel closer to the company, and 82 percent felt increased positivity towards a brand after reading custom content.

Marketers love content too; most B2B and B2C marketers utilize a content marketing strategy, and plan to increase digital marketing budgets. They are using video content and infographics more than ever. All this means content marketing is effective, engaging, and growing. People now seek useful, informative content on relevant topics instead of flash.

Brands Ignore Social Media Customer Queries

csm3A study from Locowise recently found that, out of 900 Facebook pages with 300 million likes, about 50 percent of which have enabled posting by others, 67 percent of pages got less than 10 posts during the month, and 29 percent got between 10-99 posts. Four percent of pages received 100 or more posts.

Of these pages, 65 percent did not respond to any posts! And 87 percent of all posts across the board went unanswered. Active pages replied to 37 percent of posts. Of the active repliers, 10.5 percent responded to all posts but had three posts of less during the month. 33 percent of people got a response within 60 minutes of posting. How does your brand compare?