Captivating News – Keys to a Successful Website Design

Keys to a Successful Website Design

csm1It’s more important than ever to have a website that stands out. It should be a reflection of your company’s personality and message. Your website should have an eye-catching, clean layout with superior usability and good navigation.

The site should be a direct reflection of your business, vision, and values. The personality portrayed can help visitors understand how your business operates. It should have original, valuable content that’s shareable. It should be mobile-friendly and responsive. Speed is also a critical factor, as well. If your site can’t keep up with digital norms, customers will move on.

The Science of Great Visuals

csm2A shareable social media image has five components: emotion, relevance, color, typography, and hashtags and text. Treat your images as content. The epic kind, that will add value to your reader’s life. They should back up your points, show statistics, provide quotes, add depth, and go above and beyond your content.

An image is emotional depending on the way color is used, in font choice, and in complexity. Admiration, interest, serenity, amazement, and astonishment are the most shared emotions. Be simple; make your image easy to digest. Use two colors and one font. Make sure the image fits your brand and niche. Note that red, purple and pink colors promote sharing; green, black, blue and yellow stop it. Take a message and turn it into a powerful image for sharing.

How To Deal with Social Media Villains

csm3There be trolls out there. The Bury Brigade tries to bury submissions that don’t meet their standards. Skeptic are the chronic truthers. Disruptors clog your comments section with noise. Shameless Link Droppers are all about self-promotion. Whistle Blowers calls out anything they think is motivated by profit. Emos attack when disturbed by criticism. Know-It-Alls only comment to correct.

How to handle them? 

Ignore trolls’ comments; do the same for the Disrupter and the Skeptics. Promote power users to frustrate the Bury Brigade. Give Emos some time. Deal with Link Droppers using strong moderation. Eliminate Whistle Blowers with awesome content. Argue rationally and modestly with Know-It-Alls.