Captivating News – Key SEO Tactics for Every Small Business

Key SEO Tactics for Every Small Business

csm1SEO management can seem complicated, but once you’ve done your research, you only need to keep track of trends. Note that content still rules; don’t create keyword-riddled pieces of content just for indexing. Produce content that is unique, relevant, and useful. Then, optimize and spread it around. You’ll want to add an element of color and allure through images, videos, and slideshows.

Also realize that responsive mobile design is a must, since almost half of all searches go through mobile devices. Your website just have a mobile counterpart to gain customers. Business owners must test, measure, and modify on a regular basis to find out what works and what needs improvement.

Creating A Personality for Your Corporate Blog

csm2People want to connect with something that feels real and human. Ask yourself, what impression will readers have when they visit your blog? Readers want to understand you. So, let them get to know the real you – let your personality shine.

Use your corporate brand as a guidepost for how you write. Have a conversation with them. Use images that reinforce your brand. Make it about the reader so that you can elicit emotion. Incorporate stories and case studies to enforce your points. And make people the face of your brand.

Focusing on Your Content

csm3If you are buying fewer online ads right now, you should expect a drop in your SEO rankings. But, you can take advantage of this time to refresh your content.

Add new things to your website and your social media. Update your blogs with new information. Go through email lists to make sure you have updated and correct information. Offer useful data in an easy-to-read format. Put new photos up. Rewrite content with great headlines: add numbers to boost readership, use headlines to inspire action, find new topics by responding to customer questions, and take a little time to brainstorm.