Captivating News – Is the Death of Twitter’s 140 Character Limit Upon Us?

Is the Death of Twitter’s 140 Character Limit Upon Us?

csm1Sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough. Recent media reports say that Twitter will offer a long-form text option for users, to draw new audiences and keep it from slipping into stagnation. This means more freedom and a friendlier interface, but it also means more rein for distributing content to a massive audience.

Responsible posting will include only sharing relevant content. Keep content focused on your mission and the platform. Be picky – don’t flood your Twitter feed because you can. Inspire your audience to act with a call to action. Learn to fully capitalize on the newly expanded character limit.

Create Linkable Content Assets

csm2Focusing on link building is harmful, but you can increase links regardless by earning them. Tell a story and share the results. Share your company journey from the ground up. Conduct a study.

Review a product in your industry. This often helps people with their decision making process, and attracts attention. Do an Ask Me Anything event with people in your industry, which gives you branding and credibility advantages. Take part in conferences. Create a cheat sheet guide, which will increase new and returning visitors. These actions will help you earn links that you deserve, and get good results.

Why Visitors Will Abandon Your Website

csm3Some frustrating tactics are being used by businesses. Showcasing content using pagination can get annoying, especially if you end up having to refresh the page more times because of ads. Also, directing people to the wrong content can lead to a quick bounce.

Many business ask for a commitment, in the form of an email address, far too early. If they know nothing about you, they will close the screen immediately. Don’t hide your calls to action, which may cause people to abandon the conversion they were completing. Also, optimize for mobile with responsive design. Make sure ads don’t dominate.