Captivating News – Instagram Marketing Best Practices

Instagram Marketing Best Practices

csm1To make the most of Instagram, be sure to use high-quality images. Instagram photo editors and apps can make a big difference in this area. Use your images to tell a story – about an event, a new project, a line of products.

Engage with fans. If they’re following you, they’re already interested in what you have to offer. Make it a point to like others’ photos, follow people on other social media platforms, and listen to feedback and comments. Take advantage of hashtags, which reign supreme on Instagram. And reward your followers with discounts, exclusive content, priority, or promoting their good works.

Keywords on Mobile Aren’t Comparable to Desktop

csm2Smartphone searches now exceed desktop searches in 10 countries. Mobile click-through rates appear to be highest for shorter keywords. Meanwhile, more keywords as part of a query appear to increase the conversion rate, which suggests that more specific searches means consumers have a deeper intent to buy.

It seems that people keep things simple on mobile versus desktop searches. Also, mobile cost per click increases as keyword length goes up. The better the conversion rate, the higher the CPC bid can be set. Mobile is the biggest mover SEO has seen in some time, so think “mobile first.”

Caring About Micro-Content

csm3Why should we care about micro-content? Because status updates, images, Vine videos, and Instagram photos can grab attention and be effective lead generation tools. Your one-liners and headlines matter the most here. Be short and interesting. Do not be overly vague, but don’t give everything away.

These principles apply to tweets and other social media posts. Use images and videos. Know your audience and your potential market. Make your linked content worth the click. Micro-content isn’t a stand-alone product, so make sure it’s backed up with good, quality, long-form content.