Captivating News – Instagram Community Management Tips

Instagram Community Management Tips

csm1Instagram is becoming a major contender, with more monthly active users than Twitter. To manage your community, check your notifications often so you don’t miss anything. Make sure to reply to comments, and get conversations going. Add usernames to your content, so those people you’re engaging with will be notified. 

Encourage users to tag their friends.

Use Iconosquare, or other third-party, web-based services, to make it more convenient to check notifications on PC. Use Instagram Direct to run comment-to-win giveaways. And check hashtags for your brand name – engage with likes and comments. Feature user-generated content.

Why Email Split Testing is Essential

csm2Most email marketers measure campaign results with sales, but that’s not good enough. You should test for: number of emails opened, how many subscribers clicked on the call-to-action link, the number of people who reach the landing page, the number of sales or opt-ins, and the number of unsubscribers.

The best way to do this is A/B split testing with a significant number of people. Send email A to 25 percent of your list, send email B to 25 percent of the list, and send the best email to the remaining 50 percent. Keep your campaigns consistent, and keep testing simple.

Search Marketing Lessons from Nature

We can apply principles of nature to business. Nature loves good marketing – like mating displays – and you can attract mutually beneficent partners with a minimum of effort. First, observe and interact. Explore the keyword environment, find out if there are untapped niches in the marketplace, and adapt to the market.

Catch and store energy. Our campaigns represent expended energy – thought, planning, ad spend. But they also generate energy in the form of interest, discussion, feedback, leads, sales, and referrals. Obtain a yield; get something back in the short term that’s real, motivating, and provides feedback. Long-term yields are good, but don’t get into dead ends.