Captivating News – Improving Your Social Media Customer Service

Improving Your Social Media Customer Service

csm1More and more people turn to social media to interact with brands, so social media customer service is no longer a choice – it’s an essential piece of your strategy. This is real-time interaction, and can sometimes offer the only available communication tool in a crisis.

Flexibility and efficiency and an understanding of process and customer experience are required. You must have tools in place to alert you to indirect mentions. Agents must be carefully profiled, with a knowledge of both customer service and marketing. A digital trail means that brand showcasing must be done here. Deal with direct comments, high-ranking influencers, and priorities first. Move issues to private, but close with a public comment. Create content to answer common questions.

Avoiding Budget Horror Stories

csm2Use campaign budgets to set a maximum dollar amount for all keywords, and use shared budgets for campaigns with similar searcher intent and volume size. Initially, you can set a daily budget based on the number of campaigns and organizational goals, then gather data to adjust allocation by important metrics.

Then, you can maximize budgets. Set them higher on priority campaigns, explore performance estimates, use Accelerated Serving, and control relevancy through negative keywords. A budget can also be micro-tuned. Set a Standard budget, to serve ads evenly. Use data to determine the best times of day and days of the week to run ads. Analyze performance by geography and adjust geo-targeting and bid modifiers.

What Photos Get the Most Likes on Instagram?

csm3Sometimes it’s the superficial stuff that can make all the difference. The lighter the image, the better. Give people more background and less close-up. Images with blue as the dominant color  are better-liked than those with red. Images with lower saturation get more likes than those with more.

A single dominant color generates more favorable interaction. Also go for images with high levels of texture. And, believe it or not, duck-face selfies generate 1,112 percent more likes than traditional selfies. This information comes to you from Curalate, which examined image features with custom image-analysis algorithms.