Captivating News – Identify Your Best Social Media Influencers

Identify Your Best Social Media Influencers

csm1To get to the people really making an impact, engage with the influencers. Find them on Facebook by noting the cues that make someone an influencer. Look at how often people are posting, which posts have the most engagement, and which people get the most likes, comments and shares.

On Twitter, look for retweets and the amount and quality of conversation. On Google+, check out the number of comments, profile files, and update views. On LinkedIn, search for keywords related to your industry and check who’s authoring the articles that show up. Then, look at engagement on each article. Narrow down your pool by identifying which influencers are influencing lower-level influencers.

Boost Sales Through Social Media Marketing

csm2Online shopping is the new norm, and social media platforms continue to integrate retail into their sites. Know that social media is a personal experience for many, so a personal touch should be used. Share emotional and entertainment content.

Leverage the power of hashtags. You can schedule regular posts about product deals, holiday specials and other events, but make sure to include a direct link to purchase. Turn your social media page into an online store, which makes it convenient for users. And make sure your website is also social – that’s what people expect today. Integrate and interact with social platforms.

How to Fail Miserably at Content Marketing

csm3If you’re doing marketing wrong, you won’t get decent results. If you’re not tracking the list of people you send outreach to, you run the risk of your audience thinking that you’re spamming them. If you’re publishing mediocre content, quit it.

You may be using a poorly crafted outreach template. Quality and quantity are important here; send out as many as you can, and make sure that you’re offering a legitimate message that’s casual, punchy, with one call to action and a clear idea of how users can benefit. If you don’t do these things, you aren’t putting in the effort and may damage your brand.