Captivating News – How to Personalize an E-Commerce Customer Journey

How to Personalize an E-Commerce Customer Journey

csm1Intuitive site navigation and relevant site search are common ways to connect customers to products, but efficiency is an issue and bounce rates are high. Personalization through algorithms helps make intelligent predictions and product recommendations.

Big retailers may choose proprietary systems in-house, but small businesses can do this through Software as a Service solutions. They’re powered by customer information, product information, and store information. Personalization can work if it gets relevant search results, goes to a 404 page with well-placed recommendations, uses out-of-stock pages to redirect visitors, and utilizes Thank You pages well.

Enterprise Link Acquisition

Links are integral to the web and fundamental to SEO, and require intentional, strategic effort to secure. Recognize the importance of strategy versus a handful of tactics. A campaign should be customized to factors such as current marketing initiatives, target audiences, brand affinity, partnerships, community engagement, press coverage, and linkable assets. SEO needs to address quality, brand representation, integration, and scalability for top-of-the-funnel marketing.

A proposal for a campaign must include strategy assessment, campaign goals, proposed tactics, site/audience analysis, potential obstacles, expected results, and budget. You need to build brand equity, start with opportunity analysis, and scale your campaign with human effort.

Generate a Buzz Online

To create a buzz, start with your event. It must be unique, personal, and relevant. State how you’ll help customers. Then, you need to send it somewhere. Post on your blog and website, then link to social media feeds, and send out press releases and print ads.

After that, you will need readers and followers to move your message. But don’t worry if you aren’t getting the response you want; just posting it means someone may see the info and pass it along. Make sure your message is short but detailed. Use message boards, e-mail, and user groups to spread news. Pitch to trade publications – don’t eschew traditional outlets. Soon, you’ll have lots of customers.