Captivating News – How Links and Content Work Together

How Links & Content Work Together

csm1Content marketers still need to get high-quality external links for SEO success. The links need to come from reputable sites, and should be naturally gained. This requires human outreach and communication.

Some strategies that work: just ask for links. Add yourself to a web-based directory. Use social linking, through social media and other online sources such as blogs, forums, and Quora. Offer your services as a guest blogger to another site, which also gets you exposure to new audiences. Create good video content, as this is more easily accessible to many. Link to your social profile. Links and content working together provide the platform you need to rank well in Google.

Social Media Updates from July

csm2On Facebook, updates now make video management easier. Page admins have new distribution and customization options. Also, it offers new News Feed Preferences and the carousel ad format has been extended to mobile ads. Google+ is no longer a requirement for accessing Google services.

On Instagram, you can now search on your desktop. LinkedIn just celebrated 1 million unique publishers. Pinterest offers buyable pins now to iOS users. Reddit’s AMA Subreddit was made private. Snapchat now lets you view Snaps and Stories with a tap, instead of a prolonged touch. Google has started indexing Twitter, but so far has only do so for 3.4 percent of tweets.

The Five-Touch Rule for Engaging Customers

The five-touch rules says you should reach out to a customers five times over two weeks. Most customers must be “touched” three times before responding, and if they don’t respond by five, the likelihood of a response is very low.

Don’t think that an ad is all you need. This is just the first “touch,” and you need two more before you convert. Also, do not worry about bugging customers. This is the wrong attitude, and you’re missing out on an opportunity. Get sales help from people who know you by asking them to review you or give you online feedback.