Captivating News – How Beacons and Mobile Wallets Can Improve Customer Experience

How Beacons and Mobile Wallets Can Improve Customer Experience

csm1Beacons are low-powered devices equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Any consumer with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone can pick up these beacons with location-based content when they are close to a store that’s generating them. A number of businesses are experimenting with them.

Look at your location-based marketing strategy to identify where you can turn these moments of discovery into conversions. Couple them with mobile wallet offers. They may work for creating “next moments” after customers have come into the store. Gut-check with your customer survey data to answer questions about your customers’ motivations. Set realistic goals and do your homework to know limitations, resource requirements, and costs.

Using Reddit to Boost Your Following

csm2Reddit, with its seven million pages and 164 million unique monthly visits, is a good business tool. It looks like a mess, but is good at connecting people with content. Brands like Amazon, Ford, Nordstrom, and Xbox 360 have used it to engage with customers and the industry.

To use it for promotion, target your sub-Reddits to get at the heart of clients’ questions and curiosities. Personalize your Reddit stie to reflect your company’s interestes. Make use of Reddit ads so that you land a front-page spot. Reddit may seem intimidating, but it can be a fantastic platform for promotion.

Facebook Online Marketing Myths Busted

csm3Social media marketing is a science, but some myths have been circulating. For one thing, Likes on your page make no differecce. It’s about the engagement level – specifically, messages received. Also, having a post that is liked or shared doesn’t help as much as an entertaining post, or one that increases awareness of a new product.

Synchronized updates on various social media accounts are devalued by Facebook’s algorithm. Take the time to create content based on each platform. Also, hashtags on Facebook are not useful unless they are being used to identify a campaign that is the same across all social media platforms. Tagging other pages should be limited to relevant content, and should be used in moderation only.